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Refrigerated Warehousing


Ever since its foundation as an ice manufacturer in 1946, Kyushu Seihyou has dedicated itself to refrigeration in pursuit of food safety, security, and flavor.

A key hub between Japan and continental Asia, Fukuoka is an extremely convenient area where further growth is expected in the future.

Established in Fukuoka for 75 years,Kyushu Seihyou has a total of four refrigerated warehouses with some of the highest storage capacity in the prefecture,
letting us carry our customers’ precious cargo to its next destination in the same condition that we received it.

We meet the segmented needs of our customers down to the smallest detail with the Group’s cold storage of
more than 50,000 tons, the latest facilities such as moving racks and berth management systems,
distribution processing services and shipping arrangements that meet the growing
online shopping market, and more.

Refrigeration enables Kyushu Seihyou to continue contributing to society as a pillar of a fuller, safer food culture.

From Kyushu to the world,
from the world to Kyushu.

Conveniently located Fukuoka

Storage/ice production capacity

Storage area (m³) Ice production
Offices F1/F2 Class C1 Class C2 Class C3 Class Total Tons/day
Head Ice Production
3,600 1,066 201 4,867 90
CSC Hakozaki 36,028 225 36,253
CSC Koga 24,516 227 24,743
CSC Kashii 37,366 4,564 3,566 1,013 46,509
Kyurei Kosan 10,844 2,794 13,638
Total 112,354 5,857 3,992 3,807 126,010 90

Certification Marks

Head Ice
CSC Hakozaki
CSC Koga
CSC Kashii
Kyurei Kosan

Other Industries

Distribution processing/freight forwarding

To meet diversifying food-related requirements, we help our customers’ business with high-quality service covering storage all the way to the next destination.

Distribution processing

Responding to segmented customer needs

We assist with the work of our customers by providing fast, secure, safe, and thorough services, including packaging, packing, sealing, and inspection.

Freight forwarding

Streamlined service system

We offer delivery methods tailored to our customers’ cargo, depending on the destination area, volume, lead time, and more.

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